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3D Pandora 1.0: A Kickstarter Success – 3D Printing Industry

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After launching their project on September 10th, 2014, Global Trend Technology Co., Ltd launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for their 3D Pandora 1.0, a full colour 3D printing device which relies on powder innovation. This project was a excellent good results, raising $156,885 of 65 backers, and the printing devices started shipping in March 2016.
Stereolithography is known to be one of the additional expensive processes of 3D printing, especially when the printing device has the ability to print in full colour. This form of 3D printing usually relies on a laser or UV light which melts a layer of powdered print medium or cures it preceding another layer powder is introduced and melted on top.
3D-printing device-sky-tech-3D-Pandoras-perspective
Instead of a laser or UV light, the 3D Pandora 1.0 uses a binding agent between the layers of plastic, reminiscent of the D-shape method. The printing device in addition has 4608 jets with provide both Basic K and Full CMY for coloring models after they are printed. After the models are colored, the models require to be dipped into a curing agent which can be purchased along with all other required materials.
This printing device has a variety of applications too, including:Creative – for fun leisure products or artistic piecesIndustry – various types of powder can be utilized, such as metal based onesMedicine – there is a possibility of via print mediums such as bone powders and biomaterialFood – via edible print mediumsTechnology – print parts for electronics projectsBuilding – print scaled modelsThe team behind the 3D Pandora 1.0 had the intention of creating a printing device which cuts the cost of printing high more detail, full color models. Stereolithographic printing devices usually have a quite high set up cost, and the print cost of models is in addition quite high. But, Global Trend Technology Co., Ltd has managed to cut these costs down to a fraction of what they were.
The specification includes:

Build Volume Size: 300 * 292 * 140mm3 ( or 11.8” * 11.5” * 5.5”)
Resolution: 9600 * 2400 dpi
Prototyping: 5-10 mm / hr ( or 0.2-0.4 inch / hr)
Machine Size: 100 * 80 * 170 cm3 ( or 39.4” * 31.5″ * 66.9”)
Weight: 250 kg ( or 551 lbs)

Layer Thickness:0.08 – 0.2 mm (0.1 mm recommend)
Input Data File Format: STL, VRML, WRL (PLY, 3DS, OBJ can be translated)
Color: Basic K+Full CMY
Number of Jets:4608
Number of Printhead:1
Power Supply:90-10, 8A | 110-120, 6A | 200-240, 4A
Materials:Gypsum Powder, Clear Binder, Curing Agent, CMYK Ink
Made In Taiwan
Client OS : Win7 SP1 64bit Win8 64bit | RAM 8GB | CPU Intel quad-core | AMD Not Recommend
About Global Trend Technology Co., Ltd

Global Trend Technology Co., Ltd is a 3D printing device company in CA.
They spare no efforts to research and turn it into our technologies for printing devices, and have revealed their initially full color 3D powder printing device called 3DPandoras.

It has taken us six years to turn it into the 3D powder printing device with the newest turn it into and innovation which is various of Futilized Deposition Modeling. 3D powder printing devices can solve issues which Futilized Deposition Modeling have, such as blocked extruders and lack of precision. They strongly believe which the whole world can enjoy their efforts to turn it into their own innovation and become additional brilliant and intelligent in the near next.

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