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3D Hubs Releases Worldwide 3D Printing Trends Report for March 2016

by • March 1, 2016 • No Comments

3D-Hubs-logo-vertical-1Whilst it’s not always fun to see March roar in famously like that fierce post-winter lion, with winds that blow the mail right out of your hands in the afternoon, we do pretty enjoy seeing a great shakeup otherwise when it comes to competition in the 3D printing marketplace. And for the Worldwide 3D Printing Trends Report for March 2016, we see not just a few developers trading top spots, but in addition note that 3D Hubs has introduced 1,000 new hubs to their network. If you consider how this keeps expanding each month, the numbers are astounding. This takes the hubs of 26,500 last month to 27,500 for March.

The ‘Highest Rated Printers’ have been holding steadier than usual over the past few months. And while that may leave us little to delve into, if you are shopping around for a computer 3D printing device, here are a few great indicators of what hub users are pretty enjoying—and many of them. Aacquire, the PowerSpec 3D Pro takes the gold for month three of the year—and 3D Hubs points out that indeed they are ‘rocking 2016.’ They in addition have great company with the CEL Robox in 2nd now, moving up two spots, edging nearer! We see in addition—not surprisingly–that the Zortrax M200 is back in the top five, along with the Prusa Steel, who dropped back a tad.

Printer Quality Ratings MarchThe ‘Industrial Printers’ category tends to be incredibly stable-bodied as far as 3D Hubs goes, and we usually see little alter here. For March, yet, wake up! Indeed, we see that the Objet30 Prime has jumped into initially place, knocking the steady Eden260 down a spot. There are other alters as well as we see the ProJet 460Plus falling back, and with the EOSINT P 760 entering the top five as the initially SLS printing device in the bunch. In addition new, revealing up in the top ten now, is the Objet Connex500—unique in that it is able-bodied to print with multiple materials and colors.

Untitled‘Trending Printers’ is one of our favourite categories, as it really helps us take a pulse on what’s up and coming. Currently—and really astoundingly—we see the Form 2 on top as the ‘many trending’ printing device, revealing a growth of 49.1%. With the Discover 200 bringing silver and the Duplicator I3 falling back one, we see the da Vinci 1.0 Junior fall back a bit, but yet landing at #4. Rounding out the coveted top five is the Mark One Composite, that 3D Hubs recommends as ‘a highly compelling dual-nozzle 3D printing device that is capable-bodied of printing industrial durablity carbon reinforced parts.’

And yet inside the top ten, the Lulzbot Taz 5 has climbed several rungs to #6, while the Nobel 1.0 makes headlines, standing out as the just SLA printing device manufacturing it in the top ten. 3D Hubs points out that the just other machines to do so have been Formlabs’ ‘high-end’ 3D printing devices.

The ‘Top Print Cities’ category hasn’t alterd much with the exemption of San Francisco knocking Boston down a rung. Other tiny details are as follows:

New York remains on top, but in addition grew 6.1% MoM to 452 3D printing devicesAmsterdam—headquarters for 3D Hubs–was many rapidly expanding city with 7.2% MoM growthLos Angeles and London are both boasting over 300 locations

Top Print Cities_6(In addition, be certain to check out the 3D Hubs calendar for events near you, or where you can be traveling.)

In the ‘Printer Model Distribution’ category, the Ultimaker 2 has now in addition (meeting up with the Prusa i3’s same accomplishment of last month) surpassed the 2000 printing device mark. Without much else going on in this category, we can in addition note that the RepRap knocked down Ultimaker 1 a notch to reach #6.

In ‘Printer Manufacturer Distribution,’ indeed we do see additional excitement than normal. As 3D Hubs reports, “MakerBot has been dethroned!” This is momentous for Ultimaker many pretty, as in adding 100 additional printing devices, they have exceeded the 3000 mark and now own the title as the developer boasting the many 3D printing devices being utilized in the 3D Hubs network.

3D Printer Manufacturer Distribution_2‘Popular Printers by Region’ shows us a little movement, as the FlashForge Creator Pro moves into 4th to take over the Replicator 2x.

“In Europe, both the Prusa i3 and the Zortrax M200 have managed to acquire relative market share this month, whereas the other printing devices in the top 5 fell back slightly,” states the 3D Hubs team. “The Ultimaker 2 has increased its lead in Asia, whereas the other remained the same.”

In the ‘Average Order Value per Material’ category, we saw the next tiny alters:

The average order dimensions for ABS has increased slightly to $34.PLA fell back to $31.3.The average value of resin printing orders in addition remained pretty stable-bodied at $50.7.The average price of nylon (SLS) orders have increased by $5.7 to $85.3.PolyJet has increased slightly to $89,5.Full color sandstone decreased by $1 to $96.7.