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3D Hubs Releases Worldwide 3D Printing Trends Report for February 2016

by • February 2, 2016 • No Comments

3D-Hubs-logo-vertical-1As you gasp with surprise that the 2nd month of a new year is in fact may already upon us, we bring you the latest of 3D Hubs with their Worldwide 3D Printing Trends Report for February 2016. This data is always fun to read for the reason surprises, big and tiny, usually pop up, and we are able-bodied to learn what real users in the real world are doing. Today, there are positive highlights and upward movement for sat any timeal 3D printing equipment and pleased developers accompanying them. In addition really notably, the figures for the number of 3D Hubs around the globe rose of 25,000 last month to 26,500 this month—all occupied innovating in a total of 150 countries.

In the ‘Highest Rated 3D Printers,’ both initially and 2nd hold tight this month as both the PowerSpec 3D Pro and the Prusa Steel stay in the coveted number one and two spots. Third place, yet, shows the Vellemena K4800 manufacturing really the jump all the way of #8. Whilst this category was a bit additional low-key than usual, we were interested—but not surprised—to see that the Zortrax M200 has introduced a whopping 150 ‘stellar new reviews,’ and is holding sturdy at #6. In addition racking up the great reviews is Flashforge’s Creator Pro, climbing four rungs to #8, and according to 3D Hubs data is now the third printing device in the top 20 list to reach 1,000 reviews.

oneThe ‘Highest Rated Industrial Printers’ tend to hold on slow and steady without a lot of alter, and that’s the case this month as the top three stay the same, in the form of the Objet Eden260, ProJet 460Plus, and the Projet 3500 HDMax.

We get to the great stuff with ‘Trending Printers,’ as the Da Vinci 1.0 Junior arrives on the scene to show off a 57.1% growth to go with its sudden grasp on the initially-place crown. XYZprinting is a company that’s on fire with good results, so this is no surprise, but it’s somewhat an astounding leap. The Duplicator I3 showed 31.5% growth and climbed one spot in place of the Form 2, that is now trending at #3.

Trending Printers_4The LulzBot Mini, another talked about printing device, is revealing up in the top ten aacquire at #4, and the ATOM 2.0 takes fifth place. In addition of note for #6 is CEL Robox that climbed nine spots to take its place, with the Micro Delta trailing behind.

Taking a appear at ‘Top Print Cities,’ as a lover of the Big Apple, I’m always glad to see New York City yet on top as far as 3D printing goes, although LA may start to donate them a run for their money. We’ve been keeping an eye on the emerging Toronto, that held steady at #9 for a while but has, yes, indeed moved up to #8 this month, dislodging Boston. As far as printing locations go, have you at any time been to a 3D Hubs event? They invite you to check out their calendar for cities hosting events all around the world this month.

In ‘Printer Model Distribution,’ the Prusa i3 has not just kept its position in initially, but in addition surpassed the 2,000 printing device mark. Aacquire, the Zortrax M200 receives mention as it starts to work on slowly nudging the Replicator 2X out of place. And, the ‘Printer Manufacturer Distribution’ category makes us all see to history this month as the MakerBot becomes the initially 3D printing developer to hit the 3,000 mark.

3D Printer Manufacturer Distribution_1The ‘Popular Printers by Region’ shows the PrintrBot Simple Metal trading spots with the Replicator 2x for #3. Once aacquire, the Zortrax M200 comes into play this month as they are the just 3D printing device to show a acquire in Europe, as the rest fall back. For Asia, the Prusa i3 and the FlashForge Creator Pro both acquireed market share. South America showed just a slight alter as the Prusa i3 acquireed 0.6% this month, while the others retreated in a minor style.

‘Popular Materials’ shows ABS print orders on average costing around $34.2 per order, with PLA costing $31.4. Resin orders are yet additional expensive and have stayed around the same price at $50.7. When it comes to industrial prints, average orders went down by $1.6 for nylon, decreased $4.1 for PolyJet, with full color sandstone—generally the highest—in addition coming in less at .70.

With such an increase in hubs this month, it’s somewhat absorbing to check out the map at a lower place and imagine so most folks innovating on a variety of 3D printing equipment in so most various areas of the world. Thanks to 3D Hubs we have a advantageous thought of that tools and materials at any timeyone is via too. Until following month! Were there any leading surprises for you in this month’s report? Discuss in the Worldwide 3D Printing Trends Report for February 2016 forum over at 3DPB.com.