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3D Designer and Motorsports Fan Jeremy Burnich Given the Commission of a Lifetime

by • July 4, 2016 • No Comments


3D printed Diablo Rosso III tires

Jeremy Burnich of Joy Complex is an amazingly talented and creative developer who has utilized 3D printing to commemorate several leading actuallyts in new history, of an Afghan woman’s brave protest to the discovery of gravitational waves. He has 3D printed sound waves to commemorate Beethoven’s birthday, and he has won multiple awards and garnered a lot of acclaim for his one-of-a-kind artwork. The inspiration for his latest projects may not be really as earth-shattering as the collision of black holes, but don’t tell that to racing fans, that include Burnich himself.

In addition to Joy Complex, Burnich is in addition the founder of 3D-Racetracks, a provider of miniature 3D printed topographical versions of famous racetracks. As it’s already racing season, business has picked up lately, with prominent people and companies inside the racing world coming forward with requests for commemorative prints.

Italian company Pirelli has been the sole tire supplier to the FIM Superbike World Championship for over a decade, so when they commence a new tire version, it’s big news. In January of this year, the company commenced the third incarnation of their much-loved Diablo Rosso motorcycle tire, and in honor of the tire’s debut at this year’s Superbike Championship, they asked Burnich to come up with a thing 3D printed and commemorative.


3D printed Laguna Seca racetrack

The Superbike Championship, that can be bringing place of July 8-10, is being hosted this year by the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in California – so it’s only effortless that Burnich decided to 3D print sections of the raceway for Pirelli. He made two versions of the track, one in full color with the Pirelli and Diablo III logos printed on a band across the center, and the other in bronze infutilized steel, that was printed by ExOne and can be presented to Pirelli VIPs. A total of 300 miniature tracks were printed, and Pirelli plans to donate a few of them out to fans and to tire dealers. For “a little a thing extra,” Burnich says, he in addition 3D printed miniature versions of the tires themselves.

3D-Racetracks has in addition branched out beyond only 3D printed racetracks this year, too – thanks to a special request of Spanish Grand Prix MotoGP motorcycle racer Alvaro Bautista. In May, Bautista’s team reached out to Burnich with a special request – may he create and 3D print a mini-Alvaro?

“I am CRAZY of MotoGP so this was a dream come true,” says Burnich. “I didn’t actually believe it at initially.”


Regular-sized Alvaro

As his specialty is racetracks pretty than drivers, Burnich teamed up with his friend Alex Ophuizen of Mini 3D Drivers. Ophuizen, a Formula 1 nut of the Netherlands, has made really a collection of miniature 3D printed F1 drivers and cars, and he was additional than jubilant to assist. Together, Ophuizen and Burnich came up with a tiny, pretty lovely
figure of Bautista, that they had printed in Shapeways’ full color sandstone material.


Mini Alvaro

“We worked together for a while tweaking the version and the placement of colors, graphics, and logos,” says Burnich. “Mini Alvaro traveled over the Atlantic of the US to The Netherlands and back most times preceding we finally got him only right. Mini Alvaro is most likely only as well traveled as the real Alvaro!”

The ocean-crossing collaboration was worth it, as Bautista proclaimed himself well jubilant with his mini-self, that he plans to donate out to fans and sponsors. Burnich states that he is yet “over the moon” of the whole project, and is hoping that the collaboration is only the initially between him and Ophuizen. Meanwhile, Burnich continues to create attractive jewelry for Joy Complex, so he’s keeping a lot occupied – but it’s obvious that all of his work is a labor of love. Discuss Burnich and his good results over in the 3D Printed Racetracks forum at 3DPB.com.