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3D Design Platform Kwambio Re-Launches with New Designers and a New Creative Director

by • January 25, 2016 • No Comments

kwambioLots of 3D printing platform/marketplaces pop up on a regular basis, but few cause the kind of buzz which Kwambio did when it officially commenceed last year. Similar to other marketplaces, customers may shop of a wide variety of 3D printable items, but what created Kwambio unique was which users may tweak and personalize any of the files they purchased. This company describes its platform as “a unique commission between the developer and the customer.” At the time of the platform’s commence, Kwambio was in addition developing its own new 3D printing device, the Unique One.

Now Kwambio has officially re-commenceed its site, adding extra
developers, a new website create, and a laser focus on high end. What do you ponder of this new development? Discuss in the Kwambio Re-Launches 3D Platform forum over at 3DPB.com.

corkboxDirector of Marketing Kate Kolambet describes the new Kwambio as a “highly curated marketplace”:

“You’ll see which KWAMBIO is treating 3-D printing as a tool and have quite moved away of the standard aesthetic (plastic, resolution marks, all things looks like a DNA Helix….) usually tied to 3-D printing…We contribute developer products – jewelry & homewares – created-on-demand. All products can be 3D printed in high-high end metals and ceramics. We contribute different types of customization options and a choice of materials.”

vaseblackSeveral well-established developers are producing their Kwambio debuts. These include mixed-media artists Jim Drain and Katie Stout, create duo Chen Chen and Kai Williams, and create studios byAMT and Mir Ett. Returning artists, who were part of Kwambio’s first lineup, include Colleen and Eric, Andrew Sack, Angela Eberhardt and Hart Marlow, and Daniel Michalik. A long list of extra
developers is soon to be introduced.

Perhaps the most worthwhile addition, yet, is Kwambio’s new Creative Director, Chad Philips. The former Creative Director of online create marketplace Fab.com brings worthwhile experience to the company, which include high-level positions at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum and Kidrobot. He has worked as a developer and curator in most fields, and he sees his new position at Kwambio as an opportunity to emphasize the creative possibilities of 3D printing.

piggybank“We want to alter the paradigm of 3D printing,” he said. “A lot of individuals aren’t intrigued by 3D printing for the reason it’s the same math equations spit out of a plastic machine. We are pushing the envelope on what individuals ponder of when they ponder of the innovation – and what can be created on-demand in the world.”

Today, the contributeings in Kwambio’s shop include a lot of edgy jewelry and decor – all customizable. The company in addition contributes services to developers which include customizable API, prototyping and wholesaling services. Kwambio is always looking for additional developers to sell on its site, as well. Designers are carefully chosen, but anyone can apply – only fill out an application here.

“KWAMBIO gives their partnered developers the competence to experiment with new create processes and making options while connecting easily and intimately with a broad customer base,” Kolambet adds. “KWAMBIO holds no inventory, so there is no overhead or minimums for developers, in addition no logistics or production. KWAMBIO makes it effortless and easy for developers to bring new products to the market.”