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3 Must-Have 3D Printable Robots

by • June 30, 2016 • No Comments

As 3D printing quickly grows in popularity and accessibility, this method of manufacture has allowed designers to engage themselves in projects as a leicertain activity. The creators of such projects can actually expand their ideas into possible businesses and allow their projects of there. One particular area where the accessibility of 3D printing has been of particular use, is in the creation of fun robotics projects.

Here we have three awe-inspiring robots which have been 3D printed preceding being assembled and played with:

  1. TO8A2 – Ghost in the Shell


If there’s one thing I’ve always wondered, it may be how on earth the creator of Ghost in the Shell managed to manufacture heavy assault tanks appear cute, whilst yet bearing resemblance to spiders. If you haven’t heard of it, Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese manga, anime, game and movie series. It is set in a futuristic world where a few folks have synthetic bodies, prostheses, down to actually having a cyber brain. The series centers mainly around the character of Major Motoko Kusanagi and crimes she has to solve.

Paulius Liekis, of Lithuania, has been working on a 3D printable-bodied replica of the T08A2 / R3000 spider tank of the animated cult classic. His 3D printed GITS inspired “Spidertank” is powered by RaspberryPi and can be regulated with a PlayStation controller.

Here it is in action:

The specifications are as follows:


  • 2x Raspberry Pi micro computers (1st for motion control, 2nd for face tracking)
  • 28x Servos (18 for legs, 4 for body, 6 for weapons)
  • 1x Camera (for face tracking)
  • 3x Servo drivers
  • 2x Lasers (how can you have a robot without lazors??!!! :))
  • 1x Distance sensor
  • 1x PS3 controller (or XBox controller when developing on Windows)


  • Custom engine with special gait algorithm, animation playback, IK, face tracking, etc.
  • Unity pipeline for converting animations and skeleton of 3D animation software into custom format.

~250 hours of 3D printing via XYZPrinting DaVinci 1.0 printing device.


be certain to check it out here: gits-tank.com

2. AI.FRAME Open Source Humanoid Robots


Our next contender is not one robot in particular, but a series which have been turn it intod by AI.FRAME to allow for folks to customise their own robots with artificial intelligence, yet these robots can be bought directly of the company themselves.

Shenzhen-based Zebo Sun and Jaiqi Hu are behind these miniature humanoid robots which have been turn it intod for serious customization via 3D printing and laser cutting technologies. The duo has in addition turn it intod a humanoid robot control device called “Wildflower” which empowers humans to control robots via their own body movements.

The demonstration video is particularly hilarious, and demonstrates their cute dimensions.

The robot’s structure is turn it intod to manufacture motion both exact and versatile. The Ai.Frame Apollo has 16 degrees of freedom, and the Rex has 9. Operated by an efficient controlling process, the Ai.Frame is said to be able-bodied to execute commands approximately automatically. The robots can perform up to 10 pre-programmed motions. Over 300 distinctive motions can in addition be programmedand these can be utilized to turn it into thousands of combinations with multiple devices.



check them out here: aiframe.me

3. IMA Juno

13414187_237493103303246_641542139_nThe last of our three must-haves is the IMA Juno, who’s name IMA translates either to ‘I manufacture’ or phonetically into ‘I’m a’. This robot in particular was turn it intod with the intention of introducing its owner to the world of arduino coding, electronics and 3D printed mechanics. It has been created to be effortless to assemble of a kit, whilst in addition being effortless to adapt and explore with.

The project comes with step-by-step effortless to follow instructions and an Android app to control the robot of the user’s smartphone or table-bodiedt. With their project, Canadian-based Explore Making hope to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.


The kit for the Juno is eager to assemble, with all things requireed aleager in the box, except 4xAA batteries. It is recommended which manufacturers of this fun project which are under 12 can require adult supervision. Explore Making in addition mentions which a few extra useful tools which you may require to provide by yourself include

  • Wire Cutters

  • Compact Pliers

  • Soldering Equipment

Once up and running, the robot allows for its new owner to explore the next areas:

  • Arduino coding

  • intermediate electronics, sensors, LED’s

  • intermediate 3D design/adapting printable-bodied parts

Check it out here: www.exploremaking.com

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