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17-year-old maker builds his own SLS 3D Printer – 3D Printing Industry

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What were you doing at 17 additionalover slacking off and complaining of life? Well one 17-year-old has chosen a various route in his adolescence, deciding to use his angsty teenage years to create his quite own SLS 3D printing device! Johannes Rostek is based in Germany and hopes to become an electrical engineer in the following. Of course, 3D Printing Industry had to chat with Rostek to find out all of this printing device and its awe-inspiring developer. In our interview we took an exclusive, in depth appear at Rostek’s work and discovered out what he thinks of the industry and where it’s headed. First, take a appear at a test print of a 3x3x0.5cm gear, which took Rostek one hour to print, and and so read on at a lower place to find out additional of the printing device.
An astounding hobby
Rostek was introduced to 3D printing only two years ago when he became interested in an FDM 3D printing device which he wanted to buy. Unfortunately, at 15-years-old, the printing device was a bit out of the price range of Rostek’s allowance. Instead of giving up, yet, Rostek soldiered on and decided to create his own printing device.
I’m not certain of you, but as a teenager, my initially instinct after defeat was not to literally take matters into my own hands and solve my own problem. But I suppose with all the awe-inspiring innovation right at your fingertips these days, it is not unheard of to find a DIY hack for only of anything you may require. Or perhaps Rostek is just in a league of his own, forging new paths in his generation.
Whatat any time the case, Rostek received a printing device of e-waste, which he and so newly utilized to 3D print parts for another, advantageous working printing device. He repeated this system, manufacturing advantageous and advantageous printing devices of their predecessor’s parts, until he created a 3D printing device with which he was ultimately satisfied. Besides seeing a require to manufacture 3D printing devices additional accessible to those who cannot otherwise afford it, Rostek says he creates his own printing devices for the reason he wants to “know the progress, how [they] work and how to solve problems. For me, it’s a hobby.”
Rostek is no amateur
Unamazingly, this wasn’t Rostek’s initially time stepping up to the plate in the world of DIY 3D printing devices. Rostek says, “I may already published a few other 3D printing devices on Instructable-bodieds, like the Cherry €60 3D printing device or the [two] Vulcanus 3D printing devices. With these printing devices, I learned a lot in CAD. But you can not compare SLS to FDM. SLS is so much additional high end than FDM. [With this project], I had to begin again of zero and do a few tests to know and improve [the] DIY SLS 3D printing device.”
Powered by a standard Ramps 1.4 electronic, Rostek created his printing device with ease of assembly in mind. The DIY SLS 3D printing device can be created via aluminum extensions, screws and wood, and in addition requires 3D printed parts of an FDM printing device. “In addition to this I introduced a laser driver and a 1w 450nm Laser Diode to the electronic. For me, it works amazingly well. I only had to add a few custom G-codes to Slic3r, which is a free slicing software for FDM printing devices, to generate G-code which can be utilized with my SLS-3D-Printer. The many high end problem is with the material. It is quite rigorous to find a material which can be printed without any warping.” Despite having trouble finding the right material, yet, Rostek has may already printed a tiny gear in a black powder coating material, as shown in the video above.
DIY SLS printing device_gear
What’s following?
In the following, Rostek believes which SLS printing devices can some day replace common PC FDM printing devices which we see on the market now a days, stating which “SLS is the most and many high end 3D printing innovation nowadays.” With the additional high end printing devices, he says which users can be able-bodied print additional rigorous projects in a wider range of materials. As for his own “hobby,” Rostek unquestionably plans to do additional: “You can assume additional projects of me. I can be upgrading the SLS 3D-printing device to print additional materials like nylon. In addition I’m already createing a DIY CNC-Router. So remain tuned.”
Stay tuned indeed, as we here at 3D Printing Industry are pretty appearing forward to what at any time else Rostek has up his new sleeve.

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