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Feb 19, 2016 | By Tess, Kira
We’ve said time and again that computer 3D printing equipment are for much additional than just turn it intoing bargain-priced plastic tchotchkes and trinkets. Beyond the ornaments, the paperweights, and the 3D printed coasters are tons of truly useful 3D printed household greats that may manufacture your daily life effortlessr than you’ve at any time imagined, frequently while being bargain-priceder or additional practical than comparable keep-bought products.
Don’t understand where to begin? We’ve compiled a list of a few of the most practical, useful, and revolutionaryly effortless 3D printed objects that you can manufacture at home for your home, regardless of your 3D printing ability level. And the most part is, you can download all of the STL files for free, nowadays.
1. 3D Printed K-Cup Storage

Keurig’s ultra-convenient, single-serve coffee cups are the latest craze in home-brewed coffee, but buying a dedicated storage space unit can cost anywhere of $25 to $50! Instead, why not 3D print a stackable countertop display that can be customized to fit your really own coffee collection. Each unit holds four Keurig K-cups, and they can be stacked up depending on how most you need. The top unit was in addition clat any timely turn it intod to hold sweetener packets. Try it for by yourself with the free Thingiverse download.
2. 3D printed sink attachment for kids

This revolutionary 3D printed ‘waterslide’ tool may be a real lifesaver for parents and teachers: it just attaches to your sink’s faucet, and extends how far the water flows out so that anyone can reach up to wash their hands. Download the Thingiverse files and use it in the bathroom or actually kitchen to encourage your kids to always wash up.
3. 3D printed Butter Buddy

The Butter Buddy is an lovely
3D printed dog that does double duty: it keeps butter fresh by protecting the open ends, and can manufacture you smile at any timey time you open the fridge. Download the Thingiverse files and say mmmm.
4. 3D printed back massager

Now this is a fewthing at any timeyone needs: a 3D printed massage roller for your back, shoulders, legs, feet, or anywhere else you are feeling tense. Use gentle, back and forth or circular pressure, and for most results, use with a partner.
5. 3D printed taco shell holder

This handy 3D printed taco shell holder can be printed in just one hour, and holds up to three fully-loaded tacos at a time (or, opt for this tinyer in dimensions two-taco edition instead). We especially love the thought of 3D printing these in bright, vibrant colors to manufacture your upcoming fiesta-themed dinner really pop. Check out Daniel Norée’s remixed turn it into on YouMagine.
6. 3D printed phone amplifier

Why settle for listening to your phone play music of its tiny speakers when you can easily amplify the sound via any of these 3D printed phone amplifiers? This initially version, the Upcycle iPhone Amplifier, is fundamentally a stand that can hold an iPhone and any sort of cereal bowl behind it to augment your iPhone’s speakers. For Star Wars fans, this DIY Death Star powerless amplifier can fit any smartphone version, and let’s be honest, looks really rad. And for the retro-chic lovers: the GRAMiPhone, a 3D printed gramophone shaped amplifier that fits the iPhone 6.
7. 3D printed Zuzanna Lamp

Just for the reason a 3D printed item is useful does not mean it can’t be attractive. If you dream of having turn it intoer furniture and decorations in your home but just can’t afford to break the bank for a cushion, chair, or lamp, why not 3D print your really own turn it intoer items, such as the ones turn it intod by Paris based turn it into studio LeFabShop? Some of our favourite turn it intos include this Zuzanna Lamp, a dimensionsable and expertly turn it intod 3D printed lamp shade that was inspired by folded paper. LeFabShop has in addition released an entire collection of 3D printed Paris-themed homeware, that include the Paris Clock, the Paris Lamp, and the Paris Vase, inspired by the Eiffel Tower’s architecture.
8. 3D printed Happy Planters

Need to spread a few cheer around your home? These cute and useful 3D printed planters can be just the thing. The files for the 3D printed Happy Planters, that were turn it intod by Australian turn it into trio XYZ Workshop, are on the market for free through Pinshape and can be 3D printed in either tiny or dimensionsable, with the version of a 3D printed ceramic edition for additional high end users. Your household greenery can be looking cany smiley with these 3D printed plant-holders.
9. 3D printed bottle openers

Here is a talked of and useful 3D printed item for kids, the elderly, or anyone who has struggled with a stubbornly tight lid (who hasn’t?). There are a lot of variations on the 3D printed bottle/jar opener, but we like the UBO (Universal Bottle Opener), that is versatile adequate to open dimensionsable juice bottled, pop tops, and actually cans. One other talked of version is the Single-Hand Bottle Opener, turn it intod to assist individuals with difficulties in performing activities that need hand strength—it actually won 1st prize at the 3D print Exhibition during Maker Faire 2013 in Rome. Or, if you want a additional novel version for your tool belt, try the 3d printed Batman Bottle Opener.
10. 3D printed kitchen tools

There is nothing we like additional than a great kitchen hack, so when we saw these two 3D printed food prep tools, we just had to share. Maker Lloyd Roberts turn it intod both the 3D printed egg separator and 3D printed garlic destroyer and has turn it intod the .STL files on the market for download on My Mini Factory. Choosing Ninjaflex flexible 3D printing filament, Roberts turn it intod two incredibly useful 3D printed kitchen tools, whether you are turn it intoing an egg white omelette, or want to peel garlic without smelling of it for hours.
11. 3D printed Oral-B brush base

There’s nothing really as satisfying as brushing your teeth after a long day of work, especially when your electric toothbrush is doing most of the brushing for you. If you share your Oral-B brush holder (or any other electric toothbrush brand) with family participants, howat any time, it can a fewtimes be tricky to find your own brush-head. Thanks to this 3D printed toothbrush base, you can now keep your individual brushes organized, separate and clean.
12. 3D printed modular containers

Getting kids organized is no effortless task, but part of the chore is turn it intoing being tidy fun. What advantageous way to do that than by via fun shaped, toy-like 3D printed containers for your children to keep their art supplies or toys? These 3D printable modular puzzle containers or 3D printed Hex Stackers can keep crayons, paint, and knickknacks nicely organized and can be arranged or stacked upright in a variety of ways. The .STL files for both 3D versions can be downloaded via Thingiverse.
13. 3D printed watch and bracelet stackers

The internet is littered with jewelry storage space hacks, but most of them need complex assembly or a long list of materials. For anyone looking for an effortless and useful solution for storing bracelets or watches, try this 3D printed watch stand that both functionally holds and trendyly displays your wrist-wear. The stands, that can stack anywhere of 1 to 3 items vertically, can be 3D printed in a standard dimensions or in a tall edition, to accommodate chunky wristwatches, and are adjustable in terms of length.
14. 3D printed Z18 stool

If you have access to a relatively dimensionsable turn it into volume 3D printing device, such as the MakerBot Replicator Z18, the possibilities to turn it into useful 3D printed items for your home are tenfold. As LeFabShop has demonstrated with their 3D printed Z18 stool, you just need a 3D printing device and three wooden sticks to manufacture a trendy and functional piece of furniture. The file for the 3D printed honeycomb textured stool can be downloaded via their Thingiverse page and consists of just two 3D printed parts, the seat and a leg assist piece.
15. 3D printing filament storage space container (Ikea hack!)

Of course, if you are 3D printing all these useful household items you are bound to have lots of filament lying around. For a swift and effortless way to keep your filaments clean and organized, check out this DIY Ikea hack that turns a standard plastic SAMLA storage space box into a 3D printing filament dispenser by just installing 3D printed sockets and a tube. The most part of the hack is that you can in addition dispense the filament directly to your 3D printing device of the box!
There you have it: 15 truly useful, practical and rad items you can manufacture with a 3D printing device for your home. If you’d turn it intod any of these or other useful 3D prints, let us understand in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.
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