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In order to manufacture 3D printing additional commercially viable, a few manufacturers have been experimenting with synchronous 3D printing, via multiple print heads to print additional than one object at the same time. Synchronous 3D printing equipment can manufacture advantageous use of time and space on the print bed, and the trending printing method appears to be catching on. At the new Inside 3D Printing event in Dusseldorf, Germany, one 3D printing company of Redmond, Washington, named 10DPrintives, showcased their very first 3D printing device, a synchronous printing machine called the Quadra. 10DPrintives has high hopes for their new 3D printing device, and feel as they’ve taken the many qualities of industrial and consumer 3D printing, and engineered them into one four-headed printing device.

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“More and additional industries, businesses, and consumers are adopting the innovation and finding out that 3D printing can be profitable,”said Greg Lee,the VP of Product Development at 10DPrintives, in a video featuring the Quadra. “High-end 3D printing equipment donate excellent high end and speed, but come with a massive price tag. If you are a tiny business, manufacturer center, education center, or pro-sumer, the consumer printing device can be too limiting in turn it into dimensions, speed, and high end.”

The Quadra is compatible with four (Quadra), two (Duo), or just one print head extruder (Uno), every of that has a respective turn it into dimensions of 200x200x600mm. When the 10DPrintives synchronous 3D printing device is used with just one print head, that can be done as well, it can revery a turn it into dimensions of 600x600x600mm. Not just does the Quadra allow users to print four identical objects simultaneously, 10DPrintives in addition claims that the print speed is of four times faster than conventional 3D printing equipment. The printing device is compatible with both .STL and .GCode file formats, and is in addition equipped with a wireless connectivity setting as well. In addition, the Quadra’s layer resolution is less than 50 microns, ultimately building it a faster, additional efficient, and higher high end printing device than many around its price range.

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The price of the Quadra is $3,599 plus shipping, and for now, is just shipping in the United States. The Uno and Duo add-ons can in addition be on the market in May at $549 a piece, that can allow users to alter of a four print head extruder printing device to a slightly additional spacious dual or single process. 10DPrintives feels as if the Quadra is the perfect printing device for applications such as parts making, car, aerospace, jewelers, educational institutions, and medical, just to name a few. The Quadra is sure-fire proof that the rising use of synchronous 3D printing equipment is helping to turn it into additional commercial viability in 3D printing, and many most likely, can go on doing so.

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