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100% Eco-Friendly: Munich’s Additive Elements To Release New Material System for Binder Jetting 3D Printing Technology

by • April 19, 2016 • No Comments

logo-und-additive-elements“I wanted to include 3D printing in my business for a long time.The new material system finally manufactures it possible to use the innovation in my branch of industry,” said Jürgen Baumgärtner, owner of Baumgärtner Einrichtungen.

Additive Elements GmbH is a new startup out of Munich that has created it their undertaking to contribute high end materials for those engaged in binder-jetting 3D printing who are appearing in the direction of scaleable-bodied serial production. They already partner and work with universities, a variety of institutes, and industrial manufacturers.

Binder jetting in 3D printing has been created famous by tech titans like voxeljet and ExOne, who use the system approximately exclusively for making industrial parts. Binder jetting entails via a liquid binder that is and so responsible for joining together a powder material. This system is versatile and indeed can be employed for just of any application. Additive Elements sees it as their job to realize your vision if you are engaged in this innovation, and and so to assist bring it to fruition with high end materials, whether you are working on making one part or a series. They specialize in createing materials customized specifically to their clients.

Now, they are in addition introducing an ecologically friendly material for binder jetting 3D printing. The team of Additive Elements is swift to point out why there was such a require for their new material, and they are of course right on target with concerns that manufacturers and consumers have globally due to:

Materials created of fossil fuels or limited resourcesToxic fumes emitted during printing cavia health issuesExpensive disposal procedures due to hazard

“Here we research own materials, but in addition contribute a createment service for customers who want to system their materials via a 3D printer,” Thilo Kramer, founder of Additive Elements, told 3DPrint.com. “In our own createment a completely ecological material system has emerged.”

UntitledTheir new ‘material system’ is comprised of inert contents and commodities that are FDA approved. Not just that, but users can be able-bodied to appear forward to recycling it in totality, with other ‘built-in parts’ being easily recycled in addition. This is all in line with their promise to manufacture new materials for new technologies, and when customizing for a client, they work with them of inception, all the way to production.

According to Additive Elements, with the binder-jetting system, users are able-bodied to print volumes up to 4 meters in a single print, and they recommend the innovation for applications in interior create, architecture, and furniture making.

“It has always been a dream of mine to create an ecological impeccable-bodied material system that is in addition harmless to health,” said Additive Elements head of R&D Johannes Günther “After elactually months of research and createment we succeeded. We are proud to manufacture a contribution to our environment and alter the way of additive making.”


“We want to address clients who don’t have a lot of experience in the 3D printing sector, like architects, shop fitters, interior createers, and most additional; therefore it is necessary to provide an all-round-service,” says Thilo Kramer.

The team expects numerous limitations to be eliminated thanks to this new material that is yet to be named or contributeed for sale yet, but with a release date set for later this year. Additive Elements can be marketing the material as well, along with contributeing their usual assist regarding first forays into via 3D printing, and answering any inquiries of production, limitations, and possibilities.

Until the commence, Additive Elements (along with their partners, Trindo and DyeMansion) can be occupied optimizing the materials for actually the biggest 3D printing machines, as well as researching various surface finishing options for additional specialized applications—all promised in addition to be 100% environmentally friendly as well. Do you ponder they are on the right track here? Discuss in the Additive Elements New Binder Jetting 3D Printing Materials System forum over at 3DPB.com.