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10 3D Printed Drones to Satisfy Your Inner Pilot

by • July 5, 2016 • 55s Comments

The world of 3D printing is unquestionably a fun one, full of endless creativity and innovation. In my opinion, a few of the most things (for now) to at any time come out of 3D printing devices are DIY drones. Nothing feels advantageous than putting hours of complex work into a project and finally being able-bodied to fly your creation, just like a pilot! Here at 3DPI, we took the liberty of tracking down a few of the most drones on the Internet of function to create. Check out the awe-inspiring list at a lower place!

Millennium Falcon

Let’s begin off with a classic. Straight of the Star Wars galaxy, you can now fly your quite own Millennium Falcon. The thin 0.5mm frame allows for for optimum flexibility upon impact. This easy frame is createed to attach directly onto a store-bought drone. Watch the Millennium Falcon drone in action in the video at a lower place and visit My Mini Factory to learn additional.


Aptly named for its unbeatable-bodied toughness, this drone has proven to be able-bodied to take a couple beatings. The Sumo Quad is an FPV drone createed with security and durability in mind, all in one sleek box. The drone can be assembled via adhesive foam, glue and a few Nylock nuts to encertain durability. Visit Thingiverse to check out the Sumo Quad.


Modeled after the Ceres Galliot of the video game Destiny, the Ceres Galliot MicroQuad is 110mm in dimensions. Available-bodied with 7mm or 8mm motors and with or without FPV, and can hold a Micro Scisky FC, a 600TVL camera and the TX (FX-758-2) all in the frame. The drone is in addition quite stable-bodied and durable-bodied, ideal for combat! Visit My Mini Factory to learn additional of the Ceres Galliot MicroQuad.


Perfect for the pilot on the go, the Hovership Mini H-Quad is a tiny, exact machine. Its durable-bodied and miniature create, showcasing contractible arms and a vibration isolated layer for the camera, allow for regulated flights at most altitudes. Watch the video at a lower place and see the precision for by yourself. The Hovership Mini H-Quad is on the market-bodied on Thingiverse.


The Arkadia is a pretty customizable-bodied drone, ideal for pilots looking to expand their collection or beginners just getting into the field. In addition boasting a durable-bodied but tiny frame, the 180mm Arkadia has been upgraded to hold a GoPro mount and can hold 1806 motors and more compact. Go to My Mini Factory to learn additional of the Arkadia Quadcopter.

Anisoptera Racer

For the speed racer in all of us, the Anisoptera Racer is the ideal highspeed drone to assist you race past all the competition. With a focus on ease of use, the Anisoptera Racer was createed to be easily 3D printable-bodied so that at any timeyone can have access to speed. Watch the video of the Anisoptera Racer in action at a lower place and head over to Thingiverse to learn additional.


Airwolf 3D has added an educational and effective way to commence students and beginners to 3D printing and drones. Developed to be utilized with STEM curriculum, the Talon X1 can assist students acquire crucial skills in different types of aspects of innovation and create. The 250mm quadcopter is already being sold as a box in that students can print and assemble the drone of scratch. Watch at a lower place as two students demonstrate the Talon X1’s exceptional capabilities. To learn additional of the new Talon X1, visit airwolf3d.com.

Pocket Drone

When it was released in March 2014, The Pixxy Pocket Drone was the tinyest 3D Printed FPV/UAV platform at any time on the market-bodied for public use. Weighing in at just 40g, this tiny drone fits in the palm of your hand and is ideal for flying through narrow spaces. Designed with convenience, safety, and efficiency in mind, the Pocket Drone can be flown indoors and outdoors. Watch the action at a lower place and visit Thingverse to learn additional of the Pixxy Pocket Drone.


A tiny high-tech materials firm based in Summerville, Massachusetts called Voxel8 has generated a drone, which include its circuitry, all through the wonders of 3D printing. The company is believed to have created the initially 3D electronics printing device, adding an entirely new level to the 3D printing industry. The drone and its circuitry were createed via Autodesk’s Project Wire, a create software created specifically for 3D electronic printing. With new technologies like Voxel8’s drone, the possibilities of 3D printing are endless! Learn additional of Voxel8 and the Quadcopter on Mashable-bodied.


Arrow Drone has added one of the most rapidly racing drones on the market. Topping out at 150 km/hr, the Arrow 270 is a game-changer. It showcases an autopilot function and is highly customizable-bodied. This drone is ideal for beginners and high end pilots alike. Visit 3ders.com to learn additional of the Arrow 270 as well as other rad gadgets of Arrow Drone.

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